Best Tricks on How to Set up a Blog and Make Money from It

    Best Tricks on How to Set up a Blog

    Are you wondering how to start a blog? When there are a lot of reasons to consider starting a blog, making money from home it is one of the most popular ones. It’s no doubt that nowadays many people start to make additional income from blogging. Do you want to be one too? So, check this out!

    Steps to Start a Blog and Create Money from It

    If you happen to consider making more money from home or simply want to share your story and write things you like such as play dadu online, culinary, travelling etc. Blog is surely a good place to do that. Many people start it as hobby and continue earning money from blogging. To make it easier for you, here are some steps to follow.

    Step 1: Determine What to Blog About

    In the world of blogging, there are some different types of blogs and bloggers who do this activity to reach certain goals. Once you decide to become do blogging and be a blogger, you need to know what kind of blog that you want to build. To help you, here are some kinds of blogs to consider.

    ·        Personal Blog

    For personal blogger, we can say that there are no specific rules to follow or themes to stick on. They can start a blog by using any kind of platform including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other network. Some personal blogger may focus on certain interest only while others just write everything they want. You can even share your own experience there!

    ·        Niche Blog

    Instead of focusing on such broad topics like typically personal blog appears to be, the idea of niche blog is specific such as culinary blogging, travel blogging and so on. When making a niche blog, being unique is very important. You must remember that there are a lot of bloggers out there that may come up with the same idea.

    ·        Affiliate Blog

    Affiliate blog is created to produce affiliate marketing commission. Instead of generating their own products, affiliate bloggers write blog to review products made by others. The aim is to encourage visitors to buy the products using the affiliate link offered by the blogger. It will allow the blogger to earn commission from the product creator.

    Step 2: Select a Blogging Platform

    After deciding what to blog about, choosing a blogging platform is a must. A blogging platform will give you any necessary tools to show your words to your readers. Nowadays, there are so many popular blogging platforms to select from. You can consider using WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Blogger, Squarespace and many more. Remember that each has pros and cons.


    Step 3: Find a Host and Pick a Domain Name

    Next, you will need a host to make your blog go online. You can find a recommended host for beginner and select the best plan offered. If you are done with hosting, you can start considering about the domain name of your blog. It is good to make a catchy domain name that can be remembered well by your visitors.

    Step 4: Get Started!

    Then, you can get started with your new blog now! Depending on the platform that you choose, you will need to pick a theme and start to build your new site. After that, you can continue designing and using your blog to write the things you want to share about. Finally, you will be able to publish your blog.

    Final Thoughts

    So, are you ready to start blogging and make money from it? You can follow some the easy steps above and begin your way to the world of blogging. Don’t forget to learn more about tips and tutorials to create specific blog types and contents to make your blog even more organized and beneficial. Good luck!

    Top Secrets to Become a Professional Travel Blogger
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    Top Secrets to Become a Professional Travel Blogger

    It’s no secret that nowadays many people have turned travel blogging into a job. Most of them start for fun and end up earning additional income from blogging. However, becoming a professional blogger and do blogging as a career is not really easy. It might be a lot complicated than most people think, but this article will help you to get ready for an attempt.

    Top 3 Secrets to Become a Professional Travel Blogger

    We can consider professional travel blogger as someone who start a blog about traveling and earn a good portion of income from their travel blog. There can be a lot of personal travel blogs out there like agen bola, but the professional ones are not as many as the individual that just make it for fun. If you are interested to become professional, here are the secrets!

    travel blogger
    travel blogger

    ·        Create Useful Content

    Writing a personal diary about your travel to friends and family might be easy, but other than them, it will be different thing. If you want to make strangers read your travel blog, you have to provide them something more useful. Consider talking about budget travel tips, details on where to stay or what to do, food recommendations and other useful contents.

    ·        Do Fun and Interesting Stuff

    It seems basic, but what it means here is to do something that is absolutely interesting. Go for a fascinating, challenging or sensational stuff that can be noticed by the crowds. Kayaking in Greenland, Walking across Indonesia or Sailing the coast of Africa is surely awesome. You should come up with something unique like that so that you can attract larger audience.

    ·        Rock Social Media

    If you are a blogger, staying active on social media is also important especially for you who want to earn some income from blogging. You don’t need to be active all the time, just make sure to use social media efficiently. Don’t waste your time hours and hours there. You can use your Facebook or Instagram to share your contents, responding comments and so on.

    travel blogger
    travel blogger

    Final Thoughts

    Now, you have learned some best secrets to start becoming a professional travel blogger. And there is one more thing to consider: learning about SEO or search engine optimization. It helps you to market your blog and become a professional travel blogger. So, are you ready to start blogging? Keep these secrets on mind and good luck!

    Top Things to Ask Yourself when Starting a Personal Blog
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    Top Things to Ask Yourself when Starting a Personal Blog

    Starting a personal blog can be difficult for one reason: you need to commit to it. Whether it is a blog about your favorite movies or a blog about pets and all that fun games during party, it will be nothing when you cannot commit on it. Then, what should you do at this point?

    3 Things You Have to Ask Yourself before Starting a Personal Blog

    There is no doubt that you can make money by blogging, but it takes you some efforts. In fact, it is quite hard to stick on a personal blogging when you don’t commit on it. You may make something worthy initially, but then abandon your blog some time. If you want to make the best of it, here are questions you need to ask yourself.

    personal blog
    personal blog

    1.      Is this my passion?

    Believe it or not, personal blogging can be difficult. You shouldn’t just write a blog post. You need to work at it. So, ask yourself whether you are willing to commit on it or not. When you are passionate on working at it, there is no doubt that you will be able to going on the world of personal blogging for a long time.

    2.      Do I know about marketing?

    The web is highly crowded and there is a lot of noise out there. Having a good marketing strategy is a good key to make the most of your website. It will be helpful to get your word to the mass audience on the internet. You may consider learning anything related to SEO, website development and social media management to help you developing your blog.

    3.      Do I know about photography?

    You may not think about taking photos yourself for the blog, but a basic photography skill will be helpful for a good blog. Remember that you need to create something authentic and taking a photo by your own camera will be helpful in this case. You can consider using some editing apps too since it will be helpful to make your photo appear more beautifully.


    Final Words

    Have you asked yourself with the questions above? If you haven’t asked about it, consider doing it now or you will end up messing up with your personal blog. You might consider asking yourself whether to collaborate with others too. But the most important point is actually to make you commit on it and work the best for it.

    Quick Tips to Start a Successful Mummy Blog
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    Quick Tips to Start a Successful Mummy Blog

    Mom, do you want to start a blog from home? It’s pretty sure that you have read a lot of mummy blogs around the internet and you might want to be the one too. Well, some mommy found it to be a great decision to start blogging and you can too. But, what should you do to start?

    3 Quick Tips to Become a Successful Mummy Blogger

    There can be many reasons to start blogging and making additional income has been the most popular one right now. You can stay at home doing your things as a mother while earning some money from blogging. Getting interested? So, let’s make it quick. Here are some of the quick tips to start a successful mummy blog.

    1.      Figure Out Your Niche

    Well, you might think to talk about anything related to mom, kids and family. However, what’s exactly the niche that you want to work on? Some mummy bloggers out there have started on a niche about work-at-home moms, parenting tips and more. And you need a niche too since it can help you to grow up your blog.

    Successful Mummy Blog
    Successful Mummy Blog

    2.      Select a Blogging Platform

    WordPress, WIX, Blogger and Weebly are some of the most famous blogging platforms nowadays. Actually, there are quite a lot of platforms available out there and each of them has their own pros and cons. However, we cannot deny that WordPress is the favorable one since it has more choices to help you customizing your site.

    3.      Pick a Catchy Name

    You have selected a blogging platform and designed your blog. Now, you need to opt for a catchy name that can attract a lot of visitors. Then, don’t forget a catchy strapline too which can explain well about your blog. Then, you can consider adding more detail on your “about me” page to make your reader know you better.

    Those are some quick tips that you can follow to become a successful mummy blog. Other than that, you need to remember that you are supposed to write well and regularly on your blog. This way you will be able to build up audience more quickly. Then, don’t forget to promote your blog as well.

    Successful Mummy Blog
    Successful Mummy Blog

    Final Thoughts

    So mom, are you ready to start your mummy blog? Then, just do it. Remember that it’s always better to start working than never. If you love to fancy yourself as a presenter, you may think to start on vlogging too. After that, you can make it your career and earn some money from your blog.