Month: November 2019

    Still Doubt of Starting Blogging? These Reasons Will Try to Convince You

    To start any blog doesn’t require you to talk only about popular things. It also doesn’t ask you to be a good writer in order to successful. When you start your blog with your self-proclaimed terrible at writing skills, it is fine and don’t ever stop. You better write more posts while at the same time learn how to write eloquently. These are main reasons why you should try blogging. Sharing your ideas and story For you who have a big ideas in your head but don’t have any means to spread the ideas, blog will give you the answer. […]

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    Simple Tips about How to Start Your Blog

    You can use your blog as a media to share your ideas and knowledge to borderless audience in this world. If you are managing a personal blog, then sharing your original ideas can be the main part or topic of the blog. Thus, to produce original ideas, absolutely you have to be passionate about the topic. Your passionate ideas can be various. It is fine as long as you can generate the ideas into well-written post in your blog. If you are still new in blogging, these are a few simple steps you can take before starting. 5 Tips to […]

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    The Key to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger

    The time you start blogging can be the time you make the best decision in life. Nowadays, becoming a successful beauty blogger allows you to make money. You can work with the things you love and earn extra money in the process. If you are passionate about makeup and fashion and consider making money by blogging, create a beauty blog must be the top choice. How to Start a Successful Beauty Blog This Year Now the question is how to start your journey as a beauty blogger? The basics include owning your own domain and hosting and a good blogging […]

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