Some Bloggers in Indonesia Who Can Inspire Content Writers

    Some Bloggers in Indonesia Who Can Inspire Content Writers

    Bloggers in the past were impossible to make a profession, but now it is possible. Blogging can now be a major source of income. The best Indonesian bloggers prove it, they can support themselves without having to become employees again.

    Especially for you who likes to write, blogging activities can be passion. Let’s look at the story of six of the many best Indonesian bloggers below:

    Some Bloggers in Indonesia Who Can Inspire Content Writers
    Some Bloggers in Indonesia Who Can Inspire Content Writers

    Indah Julianti Sibarani, Creative Content television station

    The name Indah Julianti Sibarani is already familiar in the world of blogging. The reason is, a woman who is familiarly called IndJul is one of the front-line bloggers’ communities of Emak2Blogger.

    Indah first wrote a blog on Geocities in 2003. However, at that time, she was still working as a Creative Content for one of the leading television stations in Indonesia. At that time, he had not even thought of monetizing his blog.

    Finally, Indah Julia decided to focus on niche parenting on the blog Indah said, the bloggers to determine the niche of their blogs so that the blog does not mix.

    In fact, Indah is willing to reject the offer of sponsored content if it does not match the theme of her blog. Indah Julia could get paid more than 3 million rupiahs from just one article in 2016, and now it is certain to continue to grow.

    Some Bloggers in Indonesia Who Can Inspire Content Writers
    Some Bloggers in Indonesia Who Can Inspire Content Writers

    Zata Ligouw, a law firm employee

    Zata Ligouw’s name is known as a blogger who often shares healthy lifestyle content. Through the blog, Zata often shares health tips. In fact, now he also manages a women’s portal called

    In 2011, Zata began to really focus on managing his blog with the aim of being a source of income. Now, from a blog, Zata can get around Rp. 8 million to Rp. 20 million per month.

    Zata said to be a professional blogger, bloggers are required to be consistent and develop networking. Not only that, but Zata also encourages bloggers to write positive content and not merely write sponsored content but is balanced.

    Ani Berta, an accountant

    Ani Berta initially wrote a blog to express opinions, review books and films, and even wrote short stories. Around 2008, Ani wrote a blog on the blog platform from well-known online media in Indonesia.

    Previously the owner of the blog worked as an accountant. However, her passion for writing made Ani dare to resign in 2013. Since then, Ani has seriously managed not only one blog but up to five blogs.

    Not only that, but Ani was also very active in the community and even became one of the founders of a blog community called, Indonesian Social Blogpreneur.

    Earnings from one article on Ani’s blog have reached 5 million rupiahs. Ani revealed that to make money from a blog needs to be consistent. Plus, be an original creator, not a follower.

    Marikxon Manurung, an employee of the mall building manager

    The name Marikxon Manurung is more often found in search engines. The blog really appears on the first page of Google when searching for business and blogging topics.

    The Batak-blooded man started blogging since 2009 while still working as an employee of a mall building management company. At that time he knew the blog because he read his colleague’s blog.

    Totality for jumping into the world of blogging, Marikxon is not half-hearted for learning to blog. He attended one of the leading blogging and Internet marketing schools in Indonesia. From there he learned about blog monetization.

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